Social Media Marketing Platform For Agencies

Manage multiple clients from a central dashboard with a unique workspace for each client and eliminate confusion.

Seamless Collaboration

Manage complex workflows and every aspect of social media for all your clients from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Custom Permissions

Grant team members with a varied level of access within each group to effectively manage multiple clients at scale.

Client Collaboration

Easily collaborate with your clients for content management, asset creation and approval for messages and posts.

Multiple Clients

Manage multiple clients with ease and transparency by adding each client's social profiles to a separate group.

Drive More Productivity

Integrate our service with the tools you already use and be more productive in your operations.

Strong Social

Cheat Codeに若干似ていますが、まさにソーシャルメディア運用の代行会社向けです。

Jason Gordon
Strong Social 創設者兼CEO

Social Media Publishing

Manage your social teams efficiently by automating publishing workflows and delivering the best results to your clients.

Campaign Management

Manage your next marketing campaign with total ease by visualizing a complete timeline of all the tasks.

Asset Manager

Give your team access to a shared pool of client's social content and assets to improve their efficiency and consistency.

Publishing Workflows

Manage your next marketing campaign with total ease by visualizing a complete timeline of all the tasks.

Social Media ROI

Get in-depth insights into user engagements, their demography, and impressions generated by your social campaign.

Build Custom Reports

Generate reports as per your client's requirements and focus on the metrics that matter the most

Demographics & Engagements

Analyze how your brand is doing on social media and study how your team efforts can be improved to increase your brand engagement.

Team Reports

Measure which day the user queries peaks, prepare in advance and analyze the performance of each team member.

Social Media Engagement

Collaborate with your team to never miss out on any conversation or message from users and respond to their queries faster.

One Inbox

Get instant updates about all your conversations and messages from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into a single stream.

Assignment Rules

Automatically assign the conversations and messages to your team based on their status, type, and social channel.

Slack Notifications

Integrate your Slack, and get notified every time a new conversation is received or replied.

Social Media Monitoring

Listen about popular keywords, competitor's brand and product launch to track conversations around your marketing campaign.

Advanced Search Queries

Get results of your complex search queries in no time to target more focused conversations.

Lead Profile Enrichment

Get a detailed profile of the users that engage and directly add them to your client's CRM.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze how people react to your campaign posts and understand their emotions for the product or service.

The Best Customizable Platform For Your Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Upgrade or cancel your subscription anytime.


Custom pricing

For organizations that need additional security and support.

What's included:

  • All the Professional Plan features

  • Separate client logins

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Custom Integrations

  • SAML Single sign-on support

  • Customized client onboarding

  • Personalized 1-1 team training

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